Living Green Today, for Our Tomorrow.


Through our Three R’s, we are committed to secure a healthier environment by eliminating waste going to final disposal.

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By working together, we can help reduce waste and improve the health of our community. Learn about our programs and upcoming events to see how you can help keep our county clean and invest in our environment.


Monday – Friday


First Saturday of Month 10am-2pm


Wanting to start recycling, but not sure where to start? We offer free streamline recycling at our new facility!


April – November

We’re dedicated to helping keep our county clean. Join us during our annual event and help your community.


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Not sure how to dispose of toxic materials? Find out more information about our Tox-Away Day program.


Check Out Events Near You!

Need help disposing unused electronics? Find out more information about our E Waste Day program.

Did You Know?

Ever wonder what happens to all of those bottle caps you and your kids collect for the Vigo County School System? You might be surprised to learn that all of those caps are melted down and repurposed into picinic tables and benches, which are then placed at the schools throughout the county. 

If you are interested in benches for your not for profit or would like to donate caps to a not for profit contact us.

Fueled by Nature

Our new facility in 100% powered by renewable energy sources. There are several solar panels installed on the roof which produces enough energy to fully operate the facility. In addition, water lines run under the interior flooring, producing radiant heat which helps heat the building naturally.

We're Better Together!

Because of you, we were able to do some great things in our community!


Pounds Saved from Landfill

Benches Made

Trash Receptacles Made

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